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The gift of happiness belongs to those who unwrap it.

Positive and happy thoughts:
The Source of All Happiness --Excellent resources for joyful living!
Angels Jumping for Joy --A child's touching introduction to Jesus.
A Parable--Come As You Are --A standing invitation for saints and sinners.
Bible Treasures --Bible promises that restore courage and inspire to a more positive and cheerful life.

To grow spiritually:
Who Is This Jesus? --The most remarkable Person, who gave all to save all.
God's Incredible Love --Acceptance of His love fills us with joy and happiness.
Getting to Know Him --Life and ministry of Jesus.
Gems of Thought by Christian Authors --Twelve short features that reveal how God loves us individually--and unconditionally! "Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you" (Jeremiah 31:3).
The Best Decision You'll Ever Make --The most important choice--a decision only you can make.
The Soon Return of Jesus --Discover who the real survivors are!
Pray to a Personal God --Talk to God as to a friend.
Straight From the Bible --Salvation by grace alone, The Bible changes lives, A joyful day of rest, Jesus' soon return to earth, About death, The greatest sacrifice, Pride brought ruin, Dealing with sin, What Jesus is doing now, The end of suffering, God's ultimate plan for those who desire heaven, etc.

Inspirational stories:
A Baby Shows the Way of Love --Discover the meaning of real love.
A Parable--Something Even Better! --God wants to share with us something of great significance, that is, if we are willing to accept the gift He offers!
A Prayer Only God Could Translate --God cares for us personally.
Telling My Story --Hitler Youth experiences.

Information you can use:
Tips and Resources for Good Health --Prevent and reverse many of the major killer diseases. Check out a sensible diet--live longer and more joyfully!
Help for Daily Living --Happiness, Attitudes, Kids and TV, Loneliness, Kindness, Stress, Anger & Hate, Family values, Financial freedom, Sadness & Loss, Trials, Hug & touch, Peer pressure, Self-worth, Forgiveness, etc.
Darkness, Despair, and Hope --Help for those suffering severe depression.
Concerns About Harry Potter --Will good indeed overcome evil?
Break Free From Addictions --All kinds of substances and activities can become addictive. How do you know when you or someone you love needs to break free?

Places to visit:
Informative Links --Achieving optimal health, Bible study resources, Tough Bible questions answered, Free Bible lessons online, Christian radio and television, Discover true happiness and peace--and hope for the future.

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